Moviemaking; Tell The Story

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When I was asked as director of photography for “The Book Of Mikey”, a drama written by Brazilian filmmaker Bruno Ramos,
It did not take long to answer him. The project, a big challenge because of the way Bruno wanted to shoot the film, the ideas behind the movie, the story and the minimal recourses we had to make this all happen.

Over two years we have been planning, shooting, editing, and are at the final stage of the film.
On this site you will find a lot of information about the way we went through the proces and the hurtles we had to take.

The film was shot on the Blackmagic Design’s Cinema Camera in 2.5K RAW and edit in FCP X.
Color correction and compositing was done in Davinci Resolve, dialogue editing and sound design and mixing in Pro Tools 10 and Logic X

The Book Of Mikey will be send to both national and international film festivals. The official trailer will be available here soon.

It is like the comic book, like the movie itself…

I hope you enjoy the story of the adventure called movie making

◦ We use Blackmagic Design, Canon and Sony camera’s ◦ Sachtler tripods ◦ Samyang and Carl Zeiss lenses ◦ Grip by EZJib, Varavon ◦ Vinten Steadicam